Taking Vitamins Or Supplements? Here Are A Few Things You Must Know!

It is important to consume vitamins, to be healthier and stronger. But do we all know when and how to take vitamins, and when the usage of them can cause a health hazard? We have prepared a brief summary.

How To Identify Lack Of Vitamins?


  • Dry and peeling
  • Sores do not heal quickly
  • Blue marks appear on the skin for some unknown reason


  • Pale
  • fragility
  • Care products do not help


  • Falls off
  • Fragile
  • Appearance of white hair

Nervous System

  • Insomnia
  • Depression without reason
  • lack of focus
  • Lack of energy and a sense of apathy

No, you do not have to run to a pharmacy just yet, if you notice one of these symptoms, the reasons can be completely different. So it is better to go to the doctor and check exactly what is wrong with your health.

How Does Taking Pills Affect The Absorption Of Vitamins?

  • Aspirin - causes a decrease in calcium levels in the body and in the amount of vitamins A, B, C
  • Antibiotics - causes a decrease in magnesium, calcium, iron, and vitamin B levels
  • Blood Thinners - should not be used together with taking vitamins K and E
  • Drugs and antibiotics to treat high cholesterol - can not be combined with vitamin A


How Should You Combine Vitamins And Minerals?

Vitamin A - best to combine with vitamins D, B and E. Phosphorus, sodium and zinc will increase the effect.
B vitamins - it is better to use in combination with vitamin C.
Vitamin C - It is best to consume with sodium and magnesium
Iron - Vitamin C helps absorption
Vitamin D - It is best to combine with sodium, phosphorus and vitamins A and C
Sodium - Do not combine with multivitamins that include iron

Concentration Of Vitamins In Foods

Vitamin A - Found in fish oil, liver, butter, cheese, eggs
Vitamin B6 - Eggs, potatoes, legumes, sprouts, bran, melon, bananas, raisins
Vitamin C - Blueberries, cranberries, berries, lemon, strawberries, cabbage, spinach
Vitamin D - Sardines, salmon, liver
Vitamin B12 - Liver fish, seafood, eggs, cheese, meat
Vitamin E - vegetable oil, wheat germs, nuts, corn, eggs
Nicotinic acid - plums, dried apricots, figs, dates, berries


When Should Vitamins Be Consumed Carefully?

Studies have found that beta-carotene in pills increases the risk of lung cancer in smokers and former smokers. Vitamin A promotes osteoporosis (osteoporosis) in older people.

The Effects Of Vitamins On The Body

Each vitamin naturally has its effects on the body, how do we know the difference in vitamin deficiency or excess?

Here is the list:

Vitamin A - Affects bones and growth, increases immune system resistance to respiratory diseases
Symptoms of deficiency - Dry skin and slow growth
Symptoms of excess - Loss of appetite, vomiting, headaches, photophobia

Vitamin B6 - Affects the production of antibodies and blood cells and the efficient functioning of the nervous system.
Symptoms of deficiency - Skin irritation, inflammatory wounds in the mouth cavity
Symptoms of excess - Numbness in arms and legs

Vitamin B12 - Helps in the production of red blood cells, brain activity and memory
Symptoms of deficiency - Anemia, damage to the nervous system
Symptoms of excess - Skin rash


Vitamin C - Helps in the health of connective tissue, dental condition and strengthening the immune system
Symptoms of deficiency - Gum mimicked, weak immune system 
Symptoms of excess - Diarrhea, kidney dysfunction

Vitamin D - Helps strengthen bone tissue, regulates balance of calcium and phosphorus in the body
Symptoms of deficiency - Infections, tooth decay
Symptoms of excess - Headache, and weight loss

Vitamin E - Helps in the functioning of the nervous system, lymphatic system and muscular system
Symptoms of deficiency - Damage to skin condition
Symptoms of excess - High blood pressure

Nicotinic Acid - Helps to accelerate metabolism, improves skin appearance
Symptoms of deficiency - Loss of appetite, general weakness
Symptoms of excess - Itching in the skin, arrhythmia

Do you take care of your health? How often do you visit a doctor and take vitamins? Tell us about it in the comments.