Habits That Will Help You Fall Asleep Quickly And Wake Up With A Smile!

Our sleep is an endless field of research, and researchers are constantly discovering new discoveries. For example, they have already developed a method that interprets 60% of what a person sees when he dreams of something. Whereas a study of 60 married couples showed that impatience with a Christian spouse is not coincidental but related to it if you sleep well.

But what if you can not sleep well? In the morning, it is difficult to get up and at night all the annoying thoughts you had during the day are attacking you. Here are some secrets to healthy sleep and sweet awakening that have been scientifically proven.

Preparing For Bedtime

Fitness Trainer Craig Valentine has developed a method of his own to prepare for sleep that helps you replenish your strength and feel alert throughout the day. His formula includes a limitation of all kinds of temptations that can harm us in our sleep.

  • 10 hours before sleep: no caffeine
  • 3 hours before sleep: Do not drink alcohol or eat
  • 2 hours before sleep: stop working
  • 1 hour before sleep: no screens, just paper books
  • Wake up with first alarm bell ringing

It is not that difficult to develop this habit, try to keep it for 21 days and it will become permanent. 

Feet - Hot, Head - Cold

Studies show that the heat of the limbs and the speed of falling asleep are in direct contact. We will not tell you to go to bed with gloves on your hands, but you should definitely wear socks. Those who go to sleep in their socks do not need extra blankets; there will be no excessive changes in body temperature, and so will waking up in the middle of the night.
And what about the cold head? Only in a well-ventilated space does a person feel sufficiently relaxed. We did not say that you would leave a fully open window even on the coldest nights, but it is important that there be fresh air in the room. Now you are protected from stifling heat, unhealthy sleep, and bad dreams. Everything is ultimately a matter of balance.


The Right Position 

Doctors say it's best to sleep on the left side. Sleeping like this causes optimal blood flow, improved lymph flow, and activation of the digestive system. Therefore, if you prefer to sleep on the left side, you are likely to develop problems with the immune system. If you are not prepared for drastic changes, you can maintain the natural curves of the spine, lower pressure on knees and other body parts with pillows or a blanket. A soft, airy backrest will create great conditions for a healthy sleep no matter what position you fall asleep in.

Develop Melatonin

As is known, melatonin - the sleeping hormone, which regulates the body's rate. Lack of melatonin in the body can cause insomnia. Our indecent habits and work at night have a negative effect on melatonin secretions. By the way, it also slows the aging process. To supplement the amount of melatonin in the body, you should add to your diet menu bananas, turkey, cheese, nuts and seeds, rich in tryptophan. And as a contraceptive, you should also take a melatonin supplement, of course, after consulting a doctor.


Eastern Medicine 

Tibetan priests believe that a state of mind affects our health. To strengthen and direct the flow of energy to the right place, you can do morning exercise. Influencing certain points in the body while you are still in bed will awaken you and even improve your health. You can massage your closed eyes with your thumb to adjust the nervous system or fold your knees and attach them to your chest to completely wake up. 

Morning Routine

We know that changes are difficult  for everyone, but they are definitely worth it. To be happy, healthy and energetic you need to put in the work, but motivation is also important. Make stickers with empowering words and hang them by your bed, in the bathroom, in the kitchen. Only you know what you need to write in order to make things better. If the usual "I'm amazing" irritates you, try to come up with inspirational sentences of your own.