Psychologically Proven Flirting Strategies!

Anyone who has any experience in the dating world knows that there are quite a few bumps along the way. Sometimes it's very hard to attract someone. But if you see flirting as a natural strategy for continuity, everything will work differently.

Here are 10 best flirting strategies:

Visual Contact

Mutual attraction can be the conclusion of an extended eye connection, usually. It may be only 4-5 seconds, but they convey much more than a good look. When you are in contact with your potential partner, you can pay attention to the physiological proof of his interest in you - the dilated pupils. That is why if you want to let someone understand that you are interested in them, just look them in the eye.

Color Red

Red color carries with it important information - whether it is ripe berries, stop sign or a necklace. Psychologists claim that our natural instincts that give a sign of reproduction are involved here, just like the monkeys. In an experiment at the University of Rochester, men showed women wearing red, and women wearing white. Most participants claimed that women in red are more likely to be romantic.


Be Hard To Get

This is a classic issue. Studies show that when we are not sure if someone else loves us, we love them more than we would if they kept telling us that they like us. Of course everything is personal and if you notice that you have mutual feelings, stop with the games. 

Body Language

55% of communication between people takes place through body language. We have come to one of the most effective and tricky flirtation methods - the mirror. People subconsciously imitate those who seem to attract them. That is, it is not only about good communication, but what you invest in thoughts and emotions. The mirror, a proven method to check if someone is interested in you. And if you notice that a person in front of you is repeating your movements, it often means that your feelings are mutual.


Professor Jeffrey Miller of the University of New Mexico is confident that humor is only a key method that can immediately let you understand how much you are attracted to that person. The ability to laugh allows us to think fast and be creative. 


Tone and Words

Serving and tone is much more about flirting than you might have thought. An experiment at the University of Massachusetts showed that men are more attracted to women who change tone. Women whose voices sounded higher and then lower caused romantic interest in men more often. Women, on the other hand, liked men, who tended to say "yes", "good", "I see". They loved their openness and dominance.

Basic Flirting

Confidence - a recipe for success. In her research, Dr. Monica Moore of Webster University followed real people in bars and commercial centers, and success in the opposite sex turned out not to be physically perfect, and most of the attention attracted people who signaled their existence through basic flirtation strategies: self-confidence. 


Physical contact is very important. Researchers found that in a dance club women agreed more often to dance if the man touched their arm for a second or two. Such men seemed safer in women's eyes and by that type of touch it was possible to understand how much a man attracted them.