Health Myths It's Time To Refute!

There is so much diverse health-related information that it is hard to decide whether to adopt or refute. For example, reading in a weak light hurts vision or if you sit on the toilet in a public bathroom, you can catch something. By the way, these two facts are myths.

Let’s see what we can continue to believe and what should be refuted immediately.

Fresh Food Is Always Healthier Than Frozen Food

This myth is known to everyone. On the one hand, there is nothing to argue with, but the research claims otherwise. In fact, frozen fruits and vegetables have the same nutritional values ​​as fresh ones. When they are frozen all the qualities are preserved, provided, of course, that they are frozen in a proper and meticulous manner.

Screen Light Harms The Eyes

It is very hard to imagine ourselves without looking at screens all day. But what do we do with the myth that the light of the screens greatly harms the eyes and health in general. Luckily, in reality, the screens produce just a bit of radiation and it is not dangerous for our health. It also does not hurt our vision.

Shampoo And Conditioner Can Help With Split Ends

Even the most expensive shampoo or conditioner can not save hair with split ends. They can only make them smoother temporarily. The only solution - cut.

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Vitamin C Protects Against Colds

When your have the flu many recommend that you eat lemons because they are rich in vitamin C, which will keep the disease away. Fact, Vitamin C strengthens the immune system, but it will not save you from a cold and will not relieve its symptoms.

If A Person Swallowed Poison, He Should Vomit 

We are used to thinking that if someone swallows poison it is important to make them vomit and that will make it easier for them. But if you've swallowed poison, do not do it without receiving doctor's instructions. Many toxins are acidic or alkaline. A stomach with a lot of acid will be easier to deal with than a throat.

A Cold Shower Helps To Sober Up

There are quite a few methods to freshen up after a night of drinking, but not all are effective. For example, this familiar advice does not work. Alcohol lowers body temperature even though the sensation is reversed. Besides, a cold shower can be a cause for hypothermia and fainting.


Coffee Can Stop Bone Growth In Children

There is no proof at all. So you should stop believing in it. Maybe they invented it so the children would not drink a lot of coffee?

Organic Food Doesn’t Contain Pesticides

Organic food is trending, but many exaggerate and assume that there is no pesticides at all. In fact, organic food can contain pesticides that are sometimes even more harmful than their synthetic substitutes.

Yogurt Enhances Digestive Function

When problems with the digestive system start, everyone recommends eating yogurts. Are yogurts so effective and good for us? Yes, they have healthy bacteria, but most often the rumor about their effectiveness is a bit excessive. 


Preserved Food Has Fewer Vitamins

For some reason people tend to think that there are almost no vitamins in preservatives. In fact, preserves also retain nutrients, so they are good for us.