5 Simple Questions To Help You Understand The Person In Front Of You

Certain questions allow us to peek into the mind of every person, even a stranger. We have chosen 5 questions for you. It is enough for a person to express his opinion only with one of these questions, after answering all five of them you will be able to discover many things about that person. And if your answers are the same, maybe you found your soulmate!

"What Do You Do For Fun?" 

This simple question will allow you to discover:

  • The habits of who’s in front of you
  • Her or his character (lazy, crybaby, optimistic, etc.)
  • Income level
  • Number of friends (also the ability to keep in touch)
  • Their hobbies and your level of interest in them

"If You Had A Billion Dollars, What Would You Spend It On?"

This will allow you to discover:

  • Their values ​​and preferences in life
  • What is missing in his or her life
  • The level of self-concentration
  • Their ambitions
  • The moral principles and the level of intellect


“Where Are You On The Political Map? What Do You Think Of Veganism?”

It is advisable to ask a provocative question. Try to direct the person in front of you to a topic that can lead to a discussion. For example, find out where they are on the political map, what they thinks of minorities, vegans, or feminism. Even more, it is better if you get to examine how they deal with the opinion that contradicts theirs.

This will help you to understand:

  • Their worldview
  • Intellectual level
  • Do they have a tendency to aggression?
  • How patient they are with an opposing opinion
  • Whether they’re confident in their conclusions
  • How easy it is to manipulate them
  • Do they have an opinion of their own?

“If You Could Be Invisible, What Would You Do?”

In the next stage, you should ask the person in front of you how they would solve any moral dilemma. For example: “If you could be invisible, would you stick to accepted social norms?” In such a case it is simply interesting to hear their opinions and understand how similar they are to your opinions and principles.


"What Would You Change In This World?"

This is the last question on our list. Here we should pay attention to what is going to change the person in front of you - past, present or future. It will show you what it is emphasizing.

You can also check:

  • The level of selfishness of a person
  • Global Thinking Capabilities