Marketing Tricks That Make You Buy More

Everyone needs to eat, to exist, but we often buy a lot more than we really need. We go to the store to buy one thing and come home with a pile of products that rot in our refrigerator. And what is the excuse? "It was a sale" or "I just wanted a bite."

Let's learn what are the tricks that marketing experts do to make us spend more money.

Celebrities In Commercials

"They eat it, too!" This is what we think when looking at billboards on which a famous athlete or actor smiles as they hold a hamburger, cola or bag of chips. Subconsciously we want to join their lifestyle so we will buy this product.


Fake Advantages

When you enter a store, the first thing you see is low prices with discounts. But usually these benefits are no advantages at all. For example, the product may have a label that says "sale" and next to it is a product with a standard price label at the same price. If you do a calculation, the second product is even cheaper.

Healthier Food

People live a healthy lifestyle and it affects brands. Manufacturers understand that if the consumer thinks it is organic food, he will buy more. Unfortunately the announcements about health products usually do not match the reality. So labels such as "not genetically modified" or "100% organic" are those that make the products more expensive than they actually are.

Low Prices

Psychologists say we like to buy things at a lower price. But there are always deals that are going to end in a minute and we will not be able to buy what we wanted. Low prices are usually highlighted: "Look, our prices are more attractive." But on the same shelf will also be more expensive products and sure you will buy them. As a result - the shop earns. The trick with high price and low price always works. Not every customer is able to pay attention to it.

Photos Of Food

Usually, food packages have very attractive food images on them. They make the images on the package look beautiful, familiar and pleasing to the eye, to remind the consumer how delicious the food is in the box. And it usually works. 


Positive Emotions

Marketing executives today do not sell products, to the emotions and lifestyle. They create a sense of solemnity and security - flattering light, delicious smells, friendly sellers and prominent packaging.

Cook And Serve

The marketing experts really like this trick! Customers think that stores have nothing to hide and subconsciously rely on them. So they put a little stand in the store with samples and we literally eat it up.

Nutritional Supplements 

Everyone knows sugar is addictive. But there are a lot of "secret" ingredients that we become addicted to without even knowing about it. Here's a list of ingredients that can cause addiction: 

  • Monosodium Glutamate. There are quite a few scientific discussions about its effect on the body, but there is no certainty about the damage. Monosodium glutamate strengthens the smell of food and it makes us want to eat more. 
  • Sugar substitutes and artificial sweeteners. Studies show that these supplements can make us attracted to carbohydrates and stimulate our appetite.
  • Fructose corn syrup. It makes us eat more junk and leads to an increase in abdominal fat.